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Delaware Valley
Wildlife Management

Conservation through Management is a guiding principle of the Delaware Valley Wildlife Management Association – a strategy to improve the environment by keeping deer populations in balance with the human community and with other wildlife species.  All services,  are provided at no cost to cooperating landowners, organizations and municipalities.

We are a professional group of experienced, dedicated and highly competent archery marksmen who during the past 16 years have very successfully assisted private landowners / estates and organizations including The Schuylkill Center For Environmental Education, Morris Arboretum, Friends Of The Wissahickon and The Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association  in the management of the areas deer population. 

Because of these ecologically minded landowners, private estates and organizations we have been able to remove at no cost to the landowner or taxpayers, well over 1900 female deer from our management properties during the past 15 years. This reduction in mature female deer has greatly improved the overall habitat of both deer and the other wildlife inhabiting this unique area as well as enabled us to donate thousands of pounds of high quality venison to charitable organizations and needy families throughout the  Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware & Montgomery County areas.

Management of the local deer population is increasing in urgency as interaction between man and this noble animal changes from positive to negative. Deer/vehicle collisions, landscape damage, lack of forest regeneration and Lyme Disease are very real concerns to all citizens. As populations of the areas deer herd grows and man becomes more suburbanized, we have the responsibility to be actively involved in their well being.

Our marksmen use the most modern high tech equipment available and must abide by a very strict set of rules and regulations formulated to address the special requirements of hunting sensitive urban areas. Members must complete an extensive application and extensive interview, provide references and meet a stringent proficiency test.  Members must comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the Pennsylvania Wildlife Code as well as any rules, regulations or safety concerns unique to each landowner and organization enrolled in our program. Our program is coordinated with the local police, and other relevant key officials. We provide landowners and organizations with an indemnity waiver and each is insured for $2,000,000 of liability insurance. 

If, after careful evaluation your property is identified as a "Key Pocket" within our overall management goal, we would be very interested in adding your parcel to the current management plan. We define a "Key Pocket" as an area which holds a population of deer that continues to populate other areas in close proximity. Our staff biologist has determined these areas to have a deer density of approximately 80-125 deer per square mile. which translates to approximately 15 times the normal ecologically balanced carrying capacity of this ever diminishing habitat. There is an urgent need to remove female deer from these "Key Pockets" during our upcoming fall management season ( Sept 12 - Jan 13 ).

We are currently focusing on private landowners in order to expand our program in these "Key Areas". Enrolled properties can be as small as 1/2 acre to several hundred acres. Hopefully with the continued support of our present managed properties and other concerned individuals such as yourself, we can further our work to attain our goal of achieving a more acceptable balance between the deer, humans, other wildlife and plants in the natural areas of the Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery and Delaware County area. 

The key to reaching our goal will continue to lie with the private landowner, who by adopting our management program helps to facilitate the goal of reaching equitable biodiversity within this truly unique natural area.

We thank you in advance for your consideration, and please feel free to call our office should you have any questions or comments.

Delaware Valley Wildlife Management - Po Box 50 - Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 19034